Hi! I'm professional illustrator/web designer currently planning my epic Zelda themed wedding.

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When I'm not at work, I'm usually keeping myself busy with various projects and hobbies. This page is a list of various projects I'm either activily working on or have shelved for working on later.


I'm planning my epic Zelda themed wedding. Pictures to be posted after the nuptuals in July! Here's a few of the related blog entries:

Web Development/Design


PaperDemon.com is an online art and writing community that started out as just as a place for my friends and I to post our artwork and has now grown into an active community of over nine thousand members. Most of my free time is spent maintianing and developing PaperDemon.

Currently, I am working on rebuilding much of my PHP code to make it easier to customize it and port it over to my other web dev projects. I'm also working on simplifying the horrid html structure to make it easier to apply CSS and make the site feel less dense with content.


The SHM is the San Jose State Animation/Illustration club. I admin their website and have used some of my PHP software there to allow their club officers to easily update the site without knowledge of HTML, PHP or any of that techie stuff. I'm working on my code base for PD so I can apply it for the SHM site.


Sometimes I cosplay video game and anime characters. Check out my Cosplay page for more info.


I enjoy playing the piano and the majority of what I play is video game music (big surprise there!). I'm a remixer on OC Remix. Visit my Music page to download my piano arrangements.

PaperDemonMedia Productions

A collection of animation projects that I work on sporadically with my friends.

Surviving Together

Surviving Together is a Dragon Ball Z Vegeta/Bulma fanfic written by LavenderGoddessV. I decided to adapt it into an animated series but progress on it has been slow. It's been a project that I've worked on, left, and come back to many times.

Zarbon's Masterpiece Theater

This is a series of flash animations parodying the popular anime show Dragon Ball Z. Think of it as a talk show with lazy animation (similar to Space Ghost) but very funny and silly. The series ended in 2009, to the dissapointment of many. But the episodes are still available to watch and enjoy.